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The creative team at R29 produced daily health, beauty and lifestyle content. At the time we were engaging with over 7 million subscribers on social platforms while trying to broach "taboo" subjects with clarity and relatability. Since our primary audience was 13 to 20 years old, our approach visually and tonally was to be the viewer's older sister.

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Role: Video Art Direction, Design

Snapchat Editorial Selects (designed to tap through) Select 1: Hair Growth Series

Select 2: Birth Control Series

Role: Design, Animation

Select 1: Crush Series

Select 2: ADHD

Role: Animation Direction

Refinery29 collaborates with artists, brands, and nonprofits to create an annual interactive experience called 29Rooms. Gifs are created to advertise and continue the experience on social media after you've left the 29 rooms.

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29rooms gif 1.gif
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